Meditating Your Endocannabinoid System Back to Life

Meditation is known as one of the best stress relievers globally. Meditation techniques include deep breathing, mindfulness, and focused attention. These techniques reduce stress and depression, manage symptoms of pain and inflammation and boost inner health and well-being. 

What is the endocannabinoid system?

The Endocannabinoid system is a complex system comprising three components: enzymes, endocannabinoids, and cannabinoid receptors. They work together to have your body state balanced and in harmony.

The Endocannabinoid system assists your body in regulating and maintaining its core functionality.

Core functions include sleep, appetite, mood, inflammation, memory, reproductive function, and pain management.

Meditation can help boost your endocannabinoid system without consuming cannabis. Some people don’t want to consume cannabis for health concerns. Meditation can be a perfect alternative that has no chemical compounds. 

Your endocannabinoid levels can be reduced by chronic stress. When you meditate, you combat anxiety, relieve stress, and clear negative thoughts. It leads to an increase in endocannabinoid levels thus having the same effects as the cannabis compounds. 

Consuming cannabis and meditating.

We believe the hemp-derived products are better as they have no intoxication. The hemp-derived products have a high CBD percentage with little THC. Using a product with more CBD leads to more benefits when combined with meditation. 

We propose a full-spectrum hemp extract for quality results from your meditation session. 

For the best meditation results, we advocate smoking, dabbing, or vaping cannabis.

In addition, you can boost your endocannabinoid system with food and engage in physical activities.