UFC Relax Anti-Doping Policy on Cannabis Consumption

The UFC and USADA announced some changes to their anti-doping policy. This policy is regarding how cannabinoids derived from marijuana are categorized and marijuana consumption. 

If fighters test positive for THC, they will not be said to have violated the anti-doping policy. However, it’s a violation if found to have been used intentionally or for purposes of performance enhancement. 

They said the decision was based on science and believed there are no links between THC in the blood or urine and the actual psychological impairment. Nevertheless, they will ensure athletes do not compete under the influence of marijuana. 

Once THC is ingested, it’s stored in fatty organs and tissues in the body and can be released back into the urine or blood circulation. Therefore, it is not ideal to show competition impairment in athletes. 

How do other sports view cannabis use?

  • National Hockey League. They have relaxed the use of cannabis and consumption policy.
  • National Football League. They have been strict with the use and consumption policy of cannabis.
  • National Basketball Association. Any marijuana products are prohibited by the association.
  • Major League Baseball. They removed cannabis and its compounds from the list of prohibited drugs in 2019.