Vaping 101: How to Inhale Vape Properly

Vaping is when we inhale the vapor from a vape tool. The use of vape juice in Canada imitates traditional smoking. Vape juice is the vaporizer substance in the vape. A vape is an electronic device that is handheld and used by adults to produce vapor containing nicotine and other flavors.

How to Vape

Here you learn how to vape to get the most out of your flavor. To succeed in using your e-cigarette, keep it simple with the device you acquire. Whether you are using a simple or advanced device, both are all simple to use.

Get a starter kit

They are four vape packages you can choose from. They include; pod vapes, AIOs, E-cigarettes, and disposable e-cigarettes. Every vape kit will have written directions on how to use it.

Look for the perfect vape juice for your kit

Get the flavor that you love and choose the nicotine level you want. If you are not sure about the nicotine level to use, determine whether you are a recreational, heavy, or light smoker.

  • Charge your device
  • Load your vape tool with your favorite e-cigarette substance
  • Power on the vape and adjust the heating settings.
  • Take a puff and repeat until you have had enough of the vapor.

How to Inhale a vape Properly

You can either make or destroy your first experience by how you inhale. Understanding how to inhale is essential. Wrong inhaling can lead to a nicotine rush or coughing.

There are three inhaling techniques you can choose from depending on your vape device.

Mouth to lung

This inhalation technique is best for smaller vapes using high nicotine with high resistance coils. It provides a great hit to the throat that many vapers crave. Mouth-to-lung is a simple method. Most beginners will start inhaling through this method.

  • For a few seconds, attract vapor into your mouth.
  • For a second or more, hold the vapor in your mouth.
  • Open your mouth and breathe the vapor into the lungs. But do not swallow.
  • After the vapor is in the lungs, exhale.

Direct Lung

The direct lung inhalation technique is essentially perfect for larger vapes using reduced nicotine and has low-resistance coils. This method is more appropriate for vapors that make huge smoking clouds. It produces more vapor.

  • Rapidly draw vapor in the lungs directly.
  • Relatively immediately, exhale the vapor.

When you are not sure which type of draw is ideal for you, the content of nicotine can help you gauge how to inhale. Note that high nicotine from 12 mg-60 mg is perfect for the mouth-to-lung technique and low nicotine(0 mg-6 mg) is best for the direct lung method.

Cigar puff

Other vape users consider puffing on the vape like a cigar. This method allows nicotine to get absorbed into the mucus membrane.

The use of e-cigarettes is for vaping juice. Do not attempt to vape items that are not e-cigarettes.

Vaping is a personal decision that many people worldwide have grown to love. Some use e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional tobacco and others for medicinal purposes.

Nevertheless, regarding your reasons for using e-cigarettes, there are options you can choose from to enjoy the e-cigar experience. However, remember it is essential to vape properly to avoid coughing or nicotine rush. Proper use of e-cigarettes gives you a quality and satisfying experience.