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AirVape X Review

AirVape X is an exceptional vaporizer.


  • Handles dry herbs and concentrates
  • Easy to use
  • Good price
  • Great performance
  • Has conduction and convection heating


  • Battery life is not good

AirVape X Review – The Design

Appearance. The AirVape X device has a unique look. Its body is thin and rectangular-shaped. It has buttons protruding from the vaporizer body and a fan-blade design that attracts you.

The chamber. Used in both convection and conduction heating.

The adjustments and power buttons. The device has three buttons which are well-positioned to allow you to use it easily without using a manual. 

Display screen. It allows you to know what is going on with the device while vaping. The screen is clear, and well-presented, and shows battery life, the main temperature setting, and a fan icon. 

Mouthpiece. It has a ceramic mouthpiece to ensure it does not get warm when in use. Its shape allows it to fit in the mouth comfortably.

AirVape X Review – The Features

  • Wide range of temperature options.
  • Quick heating and vibration alert.
  • Adjustable shutoff timer.
  • Concentrate vaping
  • Small battery and charges quickly

AirVape X Review – In Use

The AirVape X performs very well and it’s easy to use. When vaping it’s very easy to hold the device as it fits comfortably in your palm. 

The device is portable and has a carrying case to prevent it from drops and knocks. Also, it’s built of quality materials, making it dependable and solid.