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Fuggin Vapor E-Liquid Review

Fuggin Vapor is one of the world’s largest selections of e-juice sold at a low price. It is an interesting choice for vapers looking to spend fewer dollars without sacrificing the e-juice taste. 

We received four bottles of e-liquid that we reviewed.


The e-juice bottles came in a big and colorful box branded Fuggin Vapor Co. all over. There were cool stickers and a letter thanking us for the order. The bottles were 120ml and standard.


All the flavors were nicotine free.


It is a blend of dragonfruit, pineapple, watermelon, and peach flavors. It is hard to tell which fruit you are tasting, which keeps you wanting to vape more. G.I.Jane is the ideal e-liquid if you prefer fresh and fruity vapes.

The silence of the clouds

This flavor gives you a sweet and sour mixture of raspberry candy and mouth-watering blue slushie. The silence of the cloud’s flavor is incredible and gives a sugar rush when exhaling. 

Chee Berry

It is a popular flavor among the vape community and tastes like strawberry cheesecake. In terms of complexity, the Chee Berry flavor is superior. It is a well-balanced flavor. 

Green Goblin

This flavor is popular and one of the best-selling variants. It has a watermelon, green apple, lemon line, and mint blend. The flavor is sweet and if you love candy vapes, you should consider trying it.


Fuggin flavors come in good quality, are tastier, and have good pricing. The descriptions given are true to the actual flavor.