E-Liquid Reviews

Five Pawns E-liquid Review

Five Pawns is a California-based company and among the best e-liquid brands around. It is famous and notorious in online vaping forums. So, when I got a chance to review it, I accepted. 


The e-liquid 60ml bottle comes individually in a cylindrical box with the brand’s designed label. Also, the box features the nicotine contents, warnings, ingredients, flavor profile, batch number, and the Pawns founder’s signature and batch number.


Grandmaster is a well-balanced taste of peanut butter and banana cream drizzled with caramel.

When I smelled the e-liquid juice, the banana flavor seemed to overpower the rest of the flavors. However, don’t go with the smell when choosing an e-liquid flavor. 

Castle Long

It is a blend of Kentucky Bourbon, roasted almond, Madagascar vanilla bean, toasted coconut and brown sugar.

Although I am not a fan of coconut, when I tried the castle’s long flavor, I felt I had been missing out on a really good vape juice.

Kingside Tobacco- Burley Berry

Burley Berry tastes funny. The tobacco, berry combination didn’t work for me. The flavors are clean but don’t go as well together. 

Elo- Tobacco -Brazilian Citrus

I haven’t seen this combination of tobacco and fruit. It turned out to be a great e-juice. It is sweeter than Burley berry.


Out of the four e-liquid reviews, Castle Long is my first choice, the Grandmaster, followed by the Brazilian Citrus, and lastly the Burley Berry. 

The flavors are well-balanced and the packaging is the best in the market.