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T-juice E-liquid Review

T-juice is based in Europe and has been producing high-quality e-liquids since 2012. It offers 36 different concentrates and e-liquids. 

Some of its flavors include Red Astaire, strawberri, Clara-T, and Green Kelly.


T-Juice e-liquid bottles are packaged separately in a box with the company’s logo, list of ingredients, nicotine strength, flavor name, mandatory warnings, best by-date, and batch number.

Red Astaire

Since it is the most vaped e-liquid from the T-Juice flavors, I was curious to try it. It has an interesting, complex flavor. Although it gives an enjoyable and smooth vaping experience, however, I can’t vape regularly since it contains aniseed, which usually makes the juice a lot spicier.


Strawberri gives you a sweet, strawberry, and creamy aftertaste. I love the flavor since it’s simple and gives a flavorful vape all day.


In this flavor, you can a lick of aniseed and a burst of freshness. Having an extra drop of menthol gives you a cleaner berry taste. Although some vapers say it’s the same as Red Astaire, I disagree. Clara-T has the simplicity of menthol and berries. 

Green Kelly

It is a blend of fresh lemonade, ripe raspberries, a juicy citrus twist, and a menthol drop for an ice effect. 

Although the flavor is strong during inhale and exhale, the high PG content leaves a funky taste in my mouth. 


Although these flavors are a small fraction of the T-Juice, they were enough for me to get an idea of the brand. Although they had flavors that I didn’t prefer, overall, it’s a great e-liquid brand to try out.